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Custom Ping Pong Balls


Ball Design Help

Can’t get your design just right? No worries, use to options below for our help!

Ball Design Help (More)

Can’t get your design just right? No worries, once you’ve placed your order we can finish it up!


There are 3 “golden rules” when making a design for a ping pong ball.

  1. Rule #1 Remember, your design is for a small 40mm (1.5 inch) ball. While it may be tempting to pack in a lot of text, a huge group photo, or ultra-fine details, it may not be as effective as you’d like. Remember, we can print really fine text, but if someone needs a magnifying glass to read it, what’s the point?

  2. Rule #2 The “printable” area is approximately 1 to 1.2 inches in diameter. Try to keep all of your detailed elements toward the center of that area, it just works better.

  3. Rule #3 Don’t worry about it! No graphic design skills? Can’t get your design looking “just right”? Send us what you’ve got with some notes and we’ll make sure it comes out great.

Still need help? Email us at or give us a call at 1-888-95-BALLS.

Hint: The fastest way to see pricing is to select your quantity and add them to your cart

Quantity Price
From 25 to 49 balls $2.20/ball
From 50 to 99 balls $1.94/ball
From 100 to 199 balls $1.65/ball
From 200 to 299 balls $1.45/ball
From 300 to 499 balls $1.23/ball
From 500 to 599 balls $0.99/ball
From 600 to 699 balls $0.88/ball
From 700 to 799 balls $0.84/ball
From 800 to 899 balls $0.79/ball
From 900 to 999 balls $0.75/ball
From 1000 to 1499 balls $0.70/ball
From 1500 to 1999 balls $0.68/ball
From 2000 to 2499 balls $0.66/ball
From 2500 to 2999 balls $0.64/ball
From 3000 to 3499 balls $0.62/ball
Need More? Call 1-888-95-BALLS
or Email

Product Description

Not only is our printing process high-resolution, but the balls we print on are real tournament quality 40mm table tennis balls made by DoubleFish in China. DoubleFish made the table tennis balls for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing — so you know they’re legit! No Dollar Store balls. No seams. No bad dye-jobs.

Have too much for just one side of the ball? Check out our double-sided ball design tool.


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