Frequently Asked Questions

How much for X balls?

The best and fastest way to look up our per-ball pricing is to go to the Ball Builder page, select the quantity of balls you’d like to order (don’t worry about the design at this point, since you’re just looking at the pricing), and add them to your cart.

  • NO per-color charges
  • NO setup fees
  • NO proofing fees
  • NO need for graphic to vector image conversion
  • Free Design Support

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How big will my design be on the ball?

It varies and depends on the design, but most designs end up fitting with a 1″ or 1.1″ diameter circular area on a ball, from the design’s widest width. For more detail, check out the ball design page.

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Multiple Designs? Minimum order size questions?

We’re proud to offer tons of great, free support to our customers — we’ll handle your entire design from start to finish, provide mockups and proofs, and answer all of your questions. We don’t charge setup fees or per-color fees, and so we thank you for understanding that this requires a minimum commitment from our customers. Each design takes time, not only to review and process prior to production, but to set up for production. You can imagine how spending 2-3 hours total for a customer on a specific design to only produce a handful of balls is not a tenable scenario. Therefore, we have a minimum of 25 balls per design.

The same goes for multiple designs — customers will often ask for “25 balls, but each with a different design”. Each design takes time to process and set up, so this is a prohibitively costly process for us, both in time and materials.

If you have specific questions about your scenario, feel free to contact us to see if we can find a solution — we’re always happy to try and help.

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How long before I get my balls?

We’re the only place you’ll EVER be able to find that can turn orders around this quickly. Ask around, it’s unheard of!

Here are our most common Domestic Shipping & Processing options:

Standard Processing:
If you do not select an expedited processing option, your order is processed in the order it was received within 1-3 business days and is shipped using the most economical method for your shipment size.

Expedited Processing (up to 2,000 balls):
If you purchase “Expedited Processing” on your order of up to 2,000 custom ping pong balls, it will be processed and guaranteed to be in the mail within one business day and shipped 2-3 day Priority Mail.

2-Day Processing (up to 500 balls):
If you purchase “2-Day Processing” on your order of up to 500 custom ping pong balls, it will be processed and guaranteed to be in the mail within one business day and shipped using Standard Overnight shipping.

Same-Day Processing (up to 250 balls):
If you purchase “Same-Day Processing” on your order of up to 250 custom ping pong balls, it will be processed and guaranteed to be in the mail on that same business day and shipped using Standard Overnight shipping. Option only applicable to orders placed before 2:00 PM EST Monday-Friday, Federal Holidays excluded.

Note: Services subject to availability and volume limits. NO ORDER CANCELLATION on expedited orders. In times of high order volume these options may be temporarily disabled and unavailable. Federal holidays are excluded from these offers. Only availabe for shipping within the United States. In order to adhere to delivery times, upon selecting any non-standard processing option you waive your option to approve a real photo proof.

International Shipping & Processing options:

International Shipping & Processing options vary widely from country to country. Once you’ve added balls to your cart you will be presented with your options. Please note that delivery guarantees are difficult to provide on international orders due to highly variable customs-clearance times. If you had a critical deadline, email us for help:

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Where do you ship to?

We have yet to find a region or country we are unable to ship to. We’ve shipped balls to every corner of the world. The most frequent destinations are the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia. To see how much shipping may cost to your country, add your balls to your cart and you’ll be presented with your shipping options.

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Can I get balls other than white?

Sorry, in 7+ years of being in this business, we have never found fully colored ping pong balls that are up to our quality standards. Sure, there are companies out there who may offer some form of colored ping pong balls, but what good are they if you can’t use them because they’re terrible quality?

In some cases, we are able to print on orange balls, but only for orders above 300 balls and only with plenty of notice.

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Can I get double-sided balls?

Sure! Click here to design your double-sided balls.

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I can’t get my ball looking perfect in the ball design tool. What do I do?

The ball design tool is meant to give customers an easy way to layout a design. We don’t expect everyone to be graphic design experts. The resulting design is not automatically or blindly sent to the printing presses. We review every order, read the feedback provided in the order form, and ensure every design looks its best before printing. In fact, if you wanted, you could submit a blank order with a description of your balls in the order form and we’ll make the design for you!

If you want personal design help, email us at

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